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Have more faith
Your Spirit Message:


Have more faith in yourself.


Faith is trusting in what’s unseen. Rely on your inner spirit to guide what you see, feel, think, and hear. Count only on what empowers you. You’re connected to a higher source if it is consistent, lovingly, and gently nudges you. It’s encouraging and inspires you regardless of setbacks or how long it takes. Dismiss anything that disempowers you or forces compliance. Someone else ‘reality’ is not always yours. Fear weakens your resolve, strength, power, and spirit to disconnect from your inner source, those you love, and everyone around you.


Have more faith in other people.


Like you, most are trying their best to get by each day. They may not admit it, but it’s often recognizable in their actions. No matter how confident they appear or the self-doubt one emits, trust one knows what’s best for them. Relinquish any of your control. Faith allows grace to move through you and others, gently bringing about understanding, compassion, and union to move forward for the higher good of all. Instead of thinking the worst, consider how they may surprise you.


Have more faith in the universe.


It’s easy to see when things are in your favor. But it is hard to recognize when life seems unfair and unjust. Even then, it is a test to regain trust that a higher power has your back. It knows what you want but has infinite knowledge of what you need. Now. Life is about change, and moving pieces are necessary for growth. Your unwavering faith will always lead to heart desires when the time is yours.

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