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Angel Message for wk 7/6 ~ Harmony: I see three angels singing, in ‘harmony’, over you this week. Some religions believe that three angels herald in the second coming of Christ. Unless you personally believe and call in Christ to help this week, I believe these heavenly host were sent to usher in love and light with their healing tone. Their song sends a message that everything comes together this week, becomes more clear and even brighter. Grace intervenes. IF you are still laboring over that lesson you are supposed to finally learn this month (last weeks angel message for July), you are given insight to see your role in a strained dynamic and now you have an idea of what you can do to change it for the better: Eliminating the tension. And or it can also mean that a conflict is now clearing this week. People work together in unison. That’s because you’ll feel a shift within you. For instance, you may find compassion for the other person(s) involved, as well as yourself, regarding surrounding circumstances. However, if you still feel challenged by a conflict and do not know what to do, then simply bless the other people involved (repeat as many times as necessary!) to neutralize any hard feelings and shatter blocks to solutions. This gives the heavens space to intervene, on behalf of all involved, and bring harmony. These angels help us see the bigger picture, why it just ‘is’, and how the lesson/conflict fulfills a bigger purpose within your life. Keep me posted. Bless, LL

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