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Angel Message for Week 12/14: Your guardian angel is going to give you concrete guidance this week. Trust and follow your intuition. This is how they, angels, communicate to you; Gut feelings, visions, a knowing, and or an inner voice. This is about healing between you and another person in your life. Your worries will soon be over concerning matters that have weighed heavy on the heart because you followed instructions from guidance. This is in part, because you asked for heaven’s help. Angels intervene by giving you signs that they are on your side. Pay attention to evidence of their help with every day signals to give you such confirmation such as a butterfly, a bird, a song, a person says something that rings truth (maybe a movie line)…the list can go on, but you’ll know the sign was ‘truth’ when it tingles good vibes through the heart/body. Keep me posted. Wishing you happy holidays, LL

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