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Grandson…is a very emotional child



Q: Hi Laura, My grandson Jamison is a very emotional child.  He fought Lukemia and was so brave and has won the battle so far.  He is a bit overweight and shy.  I am thinking he is a very special boy not just because he is my grandson.  He does not like crowds at all.  ok my question is do you see him gaining his confidence sooner than later?  He actually stared meditating with me (although he started because he thinks it may give him superpowers lol) He is 8 years old and it just breaks my heart that he seems so afraid sometimes.  Thanks for your show it is great, I love it. Pam / Onamia, Mn

A:  I think you are on the right path grandma Pam!  Bless you for having Jamison meditate. I believe you are already seeing his confidence peering through, especially if he ‘thinks’ he’s gaining superpowers from meditating! Guide him at the beginning or end of meditation,  how he can protect his space in a bubble (or you can guide him with his guardian angel who watches over him ~ whatever works for him)…for instance, ask him to see that when he is in a crowd, that his bubble (or angel standing over him) will  give him the ability to walk through them easily. Ask him to visualize (or pretend) it happening! Or maybe practice this with him when he’s faced with a crowd and you are in his company. Also, this bubble gives him courage to be a friend to other children ~ and again, ask him to pretend to see this happening in his mind during meditation.  Finally, while in this imaginary bubble (or protected by his angel) to see that it is healing his entire body…sending light thru his finger tips, down to his toes and shooting out of his head. And this is making him 100% healthy (you visualize this too!) and making him strong. Then thank the light, or his angel, for making him strong and healthy boy.  You are certainly Jamison’s earth angel. Keep reminding him how ‘brave’ he has been on his journey to break through leukemia. I think there is much more to Jamison having these fears than fighting Leukemia…he is sensitive. My daughter has a lot of the same fears ~ at age 7 (although I can’t get my kid to eat :-). I recommend you check out Ms. Doreen Virtues book ‘Crystal Children’: ~  I think you’ll identify Jamison in her pages. And she has many more suggestions….Keep me posted. ~ Bless, LL

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