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Grace – Angel Message: 

You speak and act with grace. A higher force moves through your state of being to tackle daily affairs with ease. You jump into action under stressful conditions that normally cripple others. You know it won’t help to buckle at this moment. You collect your senses and all systems go!   

There is strength within grace. You exude an aura of self-confidence that earns the respect of others in your company. Your composure reassures the people around you that everything is going to be okay. It doesn’t mean you aren’t scared, but you tap into your reservoir of unshakeable faith. 

Grace bestows immediate knowledge about the surrounding circumstances. You are clear about what to say and do when the situation presents itself. There’s no time to waste on self-doubt, and there’s no ambiguity of who you are. You are authentic and act upon inner truth that radiates from the heart. It is a treasured quality best served now. 

2-year-old Madelyn acted with grace. She knew what to do, and sing when it snowed in her hometown in Texas. Watch her on CNN


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Photo by Yuri Catalano from Pexels

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