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Grace ~ Angel Message:

Grace miraculously intercepts your life. Something big is about to happen that you couldn’t have predicted. The situation flips around in your favor just when you thought all was a lost cause. Someone, and or something, comes along at the right time to lend a helping hand. Some call it luck, but the turn of events transpires because divine providence is at play ~ on your side. 

Grace is the divine force working through you. You have dutifully,  faithfully, and timely prepared for future events to occur. But there was only so much you could do humanly possible. This moment comes about because you have surrendered over to a higher power ~ and that’s where miracles occur. Poised at the right place and time, you speak (and or write) words that inspire another person to take the right action. The moment isn’t anything planned, but a spontaneous spark igniting giver and receiver. Both parties fulfill the needs and desires for the higher good of all. 

Grace works divine wonders through others. You may think the other person is an angel sent from heaven above. And possibly they are your guardian in disguise ~ or another human touched by what you said or did. Their response comes unexpectedly since it seemed like you did nothing extraordinary. You did, however, act with integrity of who you are at the core. And relax if the other person(s) doesn’t appear what you expected, or that you aren’t perfect enough or deserving of their offer, or that things aren’t what you had in mind. The situation will unfold better than you could ever imagine.

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