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Gamble on yourself
Spirit Story Message to Gamble on Yourself:


I’m thrilled to share an episode from The Radio Medium podcast, where we delve into the mystical realm of the spirit world that can share insights into our lives that we often overlook in our everyday, usual hustle. I had an intriguing conversation with Daniel, who brought his unique story and revelations to our show. We started by reconnecting with his father, a former military man, who advises his sone to take a gamble on himself.


1. The Love for Games


Daniel’s father acknowledged his love for lottery scratch-off cards, specifically bingo. It still fascinates me how our hobbies and interests can transcend the physical world by being identified by our loved ones in the spirit world to let us know that they are watching over us, not in a spooky sense, but to help us remember our dreams and aspirations.


2. A Call to Action


Daniel’s spirit guide, Dad, encouraged him to gamble on himself instead of the scratch-off cards. Daniel shared how he wanted to share his winnings with people who needed it most, but his father said the real gold was buried deep within his soul. It’s time for him to finish the projects he started and share his knowledge and experiences as a former soldier to help others transition into everyday life after serving their country.


3. The Power of Humor


Daniel’s dad pointed out how his sense of humor is a gift that helps him find common ground with others who have experienced traumatic events or are trying to make sense of their lives after challenging life circumstances. It is a reminder for all of us to direct our unique traits to make a difference in the world.


5. The Artistic Touch


We also touched upon Daniel’s interest in writing and painting, a gift from his mother’s spirit. It’s a testament to how our passions can be a form of communication with the other side. Art is also good soul therapy, both for the artist and as well for other people looking for healing and transformation.


6. Giving Back


Daniel’s desire to give back to those in need is commendable. Sometimes, our loved ones in the afterlife have a better advantage point for seeing how we can use our time more wisely on Earth. His father’s simple reminder is that we can give back by living life as intended, which is worth more than waiting for the jackpot at the end of the rainbow. I want to thank Daniel for his time and invite you to listen to the full episode Gamble On Yourself.


This episode beautifully reminded me of how the spirit world can guide our lives with wisdom. Join the conversation at Facebook Radio Medium Laura Lee Group or be my next Radio Medium caller like Daniel. Remember that you can tune into your spirit with more exciting episodes by subscribing to the Radio Medium Laura Lee Show on your favorite forum! And who knows, you might find the answers you’ve been seeking.

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