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Fuse ~ Angel Message:

All the moving pieces fuse with a one-pointed intention to achieve a goal. Before today, however, it was a willy nilly process. There was no organization or planning.  The system you employed was noneffective. Not because you wanted it that way, it’s just that life got in the way. Other priorities took precedence. Yet, if you step back to review, everything worked out the way it was supposed to be. Now it’s a different picture because whatever obstructed the view becomes a driving impetus to get going. 

A fuse lights a burning passion inside to drive it home. All parties are on deck, and the land is in sight. It is a beautiful vision. Your excitement fuels a motivating power within. It has been hard to keep spirits high, given the circumstances, but faith works to your advantage. With the goal in a clear view, your role is an essential piece of a well-oiled machine. 

Outside parties harmoniously fuse and work towards your vision. They hadn’t invested their time and resources a hundred percent, previously, because you weren’t entirely on board. But now, your enthusiasm is contagious and rubs off onto others. Let it flow to keep the momentum moving forward. Your task becomes more manageable with support from other people, their resources, at your disposal. All forces coalesce. You lead a team towards a common goal. 

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