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Fun: Angel Message

You take time out for fun. Whether you want it, or not, your spirit is drawn out to play and laugh with others. These kindred spirits, like you, seek a little joy in life. Joy is an infallible presence of the divine. This diversion serves many reasons. It breaks up your monotonous schedule. It relieves your stress. More importantly, you’ll get an eagle eyes view of the vast forest (see the big picture) between trees. 

Leave your expectations out of fun. Playing around is spontaneous. Children don’t plan how they interact when they have fun. They just do it. Adults set such high exceptions for having a good time that they often miss the point; Fun. Be in the present moment. Go with the flow to see what happens next. You’ll be surprised by unexpected gifts. 

Fun allures the heart, not the mind. Get your head out of the equation. Stop making excuses why you can’t, but why you can. You deserve a good time. When spirit nudges you with warmth, tingly, and good vibrations; Go. You’ll see beautiful things unfold before you. A memorable time is made specifically for you. 

Ellen DeGeneres is best known for having fun with her prank tactics. “She goes above and beyond to provide endless lols for her audience (and herself) at the expense of celebrities, and Halloween is prime trick time.” Watch how she pulls a ‘gotcha!’ moment;

Keep me posted. Bless, LL 

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