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Fun ~ Angel Message:

It’s all about having fun. Work and family obligations don’t have to be a chore. Life balance requires a little fun every now for your mental sanity. An activity pulls you out of the fray and into that zone where time becomes irrelevant. It’s high time for a scheduled spring break. Even if it is a mini hiatus to come up for air, a much needed time out lightens your mood. You’ll come back to your responsibilities with a refresh outlook and take a different approach. 

Reuniting with a social group brings fun to your life. Perhaps your social group includes family members, or work colleagues, maybe its a friend(s) and or an outside interest group remind you to play, joke around and be happy. The social interaction alone is a soul retreat. Humans need the company of other humans in their lives to flourish. Being part of this nucleus makes you feel whole, nurtured and restores your sense of well being. You are inspire to reach higher with support.

Fun empowers you to create anew.  Your creation can take on various forms. This can include tackling a project at work, around the home, and or you’re personally inspired to start a  new exercise program, learn a new language or take a cooking class. Whatever it is that you feel drawn to do, fun is at its core. You enjoy the activity so immensely that time disappears. Simple pleasures make life’s ride worth the journey. 

For instance, Evelyn Cormier, star from 90 Day Fiancé, leaves her day job to audition for another role. “(She) left the pop chart-topper, (Katie Perry) stunned following her performance during the audition round of American Idol in the episode that aired Sunday night.” Watch on PEOPLE

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