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Free ~ Angel Message;

Free yourself from bonds of fear. Let go of things you can’t control or people you cannot change. Trying to mold a situation or person to fit your narrative only causes frustration, resentment, and anger, which does nothing but only perpetuates the drama. Release these worldly cares to find peace and resolution. 

Free your mind of hardship by playing.  See a fun movie, immerse yourself in a good book, or binge-watch a Netflix series. Ask a friend for an afternoon coffee to chat. Gather up the kids, grandkids, nieces, or nephews for a trip to the zoo or ice cream. Do an activity that you enjoy, perhaps in the company of others, to suspend the mind from its quagmire. Taking a holiday from the mundane releases the struggle to rejuvenate, regenerate, and heal the soul. Surprises abound when you give yourself a break today. 

Free from burdens inspires creative solutions. You’re not going to find any resolution picking away at a situation or dealing with a challenging person(s) — this time-sucking activity is devoid of life. Things are not as hopeless as they perceive to be. Looking upward, outward, and engaging with the world, leads to discoveries about your predicament. There are silver linings to be revealed. Focus on the blessings to be free.   

Elton John celebrated his freedom; 29 years of being sober. “John reflected on what the date meant to him.” Read in People

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