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Forgiveness ~ Angel Message;

“The best way to destroy an enemy is to make him a friend.”  Abraham Lincoln

Forgiveness makes room for blessings in your life. Anger, hate, misery, pain and bitterness keep you grounded in the past. These fearful emotions block you from receiving any good in your life. What’s done is done. There’s no changing the past. And it serves no one to hold all that toxicity in your heart. It depletes your power, giving all of your energy to the other party. Plus, it attracts more of the same onto you. Why welcome any more grief in your life? 

Forgiveness is love, in the truest sense of form, for self. Take time to learn and or listen to the other persons story; You’ll discover that they didn’t ‘know’ any better. More often, events transpire as a result of different perspectives, based on one’s personal development and or culture. Whether there was no malicious intent to harm or behavior was motivated out of malice, for emotional, mental or physical injury, both are cause to pardon transgressions for your highest good.

“Fate and faith intertwine; Charleston shooting survivor open up about the power of forgiveness” Today Show

Forgiveness restores peace of mind, body, and spirit. This, however, doesn’t mean you discount the other parties behavior, rather, it means excusing their humanness to restore your sanity. Shrug off your past to recreate a new beginning. The heart healing process opens you to opportunities and experiences presented around you now.

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