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Angel Message for October: The ‘Angel of Forgiveness’ will open your heart to forgive. “Thus let bygones be bygones. Let past differences as nothing be.” Abraham Lincoln ~ This doesn’t necessarily mean you forgive the persons behaviour, but forgive their trespasses for being human. Holding onto hard feelings towards another only fuels the fire within you. It doesn’t feel good, but your ego thinks there is strength and power holding these emotions over another. The angst within your heart can make you ill if not dealt with sooner than later. Besides, it is bad karma to put out negative energy, because whatever goes out comes back to you (A Golden Rule). The ‘Angel of Forgiveness’ will automatically intervene between you and another this month. Welcome the exchange. It will usher in change and free you to move forward. A simple way to diffuse negative energy and override with love is bless the other person. Simply state;  ‘Bless (name of person)’ anytime you are inclined to be angry, resentful or hurt ~  peace is restored over time. Welcome your updates. Bless, LL

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