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Angel Message for Week 1/25: The ‘Angel of Flexibility’ is bending over and touching his toes. This means that if you can’t touch your toes, no less see your toes, you’re in deep trouble! It’s high time to make some changes. Not only is this angel coaching you to get into physical shape, but inducing mental flexibility too, helping you become more agile, fluid and open to change. Your mind is fixed in a direction, circling in a holding pattern, that no longer serves you. Your heart desires change, but you do not know how, and/or too scared, to make a move. This angel pushes you to exercise the body and mind, spiritually empowering you with the insight, strength and courage to just do it ~ and make a move. IF you still feel stuck, invite the ‘Angel of Flexibility’ to work in your life this week to help you change for growth. Welcome your feedback. Bless, LL

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