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Financial independence
VIP Message for Agatha: Financial independence

I want to move abroad, but I am still figuring out where, but not enjoying life in Los Angeles. I need to become financially independent. So my question is, what should I focus on to become independent financially; something I can do abroad or that isn’t location dependent? Thanks a million! Agatha

Laura Lee:

It’s less about Los Angeles than Agatha, making life unenjoyable.

You’re unhappy with your circumstances, and your living arrangements drain you. And I sense that you don’t feel appreciated and valued at work. Not to mention, more than one person bugs the crap out of you. All compounded by grieving the loss of a relationship ~ like it happened just yesterday (not)! Fleeing sounds like an easy solution to the bigger problem. 

Wherever you go, you drag the unenjoyable life baggage with you.

I don’t see moving as your magic pill to financial freedom. It exacerbates your trouble because you’ll spend all this money and time making it happen. Think about it: first, it’s a full-time job to find a job. When you find a job, you must find the best area to live and the most comfortable spot to call home. Then the moving and traveling expenses (if an employer doesn’t cover them), and add in the multiple deposits for home and utilities. Oh, and remember that a new home will require furnishings. You’re busy, busy, and busy spinning your wheels. A year passes, maybe more, flirting with a new relationship. Perhaps you cohabitate, and when you do, it doesn’t work. Then you’re back with the same ole’ problemo. Then more delay, delay and delay. And then you wake up unhappy because you’re still not financially independent. My point is, Agatha, that the problem isn’t the location. The problem is you.

Financial freedom is possible no matter where you live.

Right here, right now, you can make it happen. And yes, in LA too. I promise that Los Angeles is a much more enjoyable place to live when you have cash because it’s in your face everywhere. It’s expensive to live there, and so is living abroad. If you find that’s not the best answer, stay closer to where you are now, find a place in an area you love, and stay within a range to save, invest, and budget to achieve your ultimate objective: financial independence. 

Investing in you will achieve financial independence.

Find work that inspires you. My first hit is that gig work allows you more flexible hours. If you are dabbling (or dabbled) in this arena, it confirms that your spirit is already leading you toward this self-discovery. More than ever, since COVID, there have been many gig opportunities to give people financial freedom, and they can travel while doing it. More importantly, it has to be a creative outlet for you to succeed because that vibe attracted you to the LA scene. Capitalizing on your gifts leads to fulfillment. Listen to your heart. I know this sounds cliche, but money alone does not bring happiness. 

Doing what you love will make it easier to become independent.

You will find something you enjoy. At first, you’ll have to put in the extra time, learning, and strategizing. But before long, I see you growing a business freeing you from an employer. Your home is the base station, but the location doesn’t bind you to work. You can freely come and go, working with people in the field too. I see it growing to multiple resources where you are a contracted service agent. There’s also something to do with coaching and teaching. Having various contracts with long-term, stable clients with a generous retained flow of income will put you at more ease to free you from ONE employer. Once you have established your financial freedom, then move abroad.

I recommend reading my latest Angel Message: Trust your gut for more insight into your question. 

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Gandhi 


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