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I feel trapped

Christina from MA says: Have had a lot of loss; finances, jobs and relationships. I ask my guardian angels and holy spirit to intervene and help ease my debt or to help me. I feel trapped. Will I ever have any security in this world; a partner to ease my burdens for me and my family? I need bold faith. I’m almost 47 and I want to enjoy life with less worry. Christina

Medium Laura Lee: Dear Christina, I’m sorry to hear you carry these burdens for you and your family. I understand it is hard to carry on when you feel all alone to deal with everything. And I’m sorry that I don’t see anything changing unless you change; do something different!

You always have a choice. You have ‘free will’ to respond in the manner you choose. Responsibility means; you have the ability to choose how to respond. Choose to respond to your situations differently. You owe it to your self and your family to just enjoy life and worry less, regardless what is going on around you.

‘Change your mind, change your world’ Ghandi

Desperation, which is fear, keeps you chained to your circumstances. FEAR (failed expectations appear real) also keeps you cut off from being open and receiving divine guidance or intervention in your life. Including love; anyone who comes into your life, can psychically sense your desperation, may abandon a relationship that is based on ‘neediness.’

The good news is that the period you are going through shall pass. Whatever is down, must come up. There is a power within you to overcome these obstacles. Indeed it helps to call upon the angels to intervene, in which they will in their subtle ways, they’ll guide you to make right choices and actions…..But, you must heed their call, whatever they maybe including hunches, repetitive thoughts to take action, signs, or advice from others, to be open to receive their intervention.

Listen. Trust.

Security is an illusion. There is no such thing as security in the 3 dimensional world we live. There are many married people who are insecure that their relationships deteriorating. There are many rich men that fear the loss of their wealth. And there isn’t a person out in the world that is plagued by their own burdens. The only security we can possess is to be secure in self; ‘know thyself’ and that you are very capable to achieve whatever you set your heart, mind and body. PS Your name means STAR ~ time to own it Esther!

Anything, and I mean anything, is possible….

Here is what you can do to help you make the shift:

1) Start being grateful for what you have in your life; family, roof over your head, your health; see, hear, and breath…that you’re alive to ‘feel’.

2) Release your burdens to the heavens so you may free your heart mind and body to receive their instruction. I recommend this exercise;

a) sit in a quiet place and close your eyes; welcome angels into your sacred space

b) visualize your guardian angel in front of you

c) hand over the burdens to your angels and thank them for their help to find resolution for each one

d) see the angel fly away with your burdens to lessen your worries

* perform this exercise anytime you feel worry and before you rest each night

3) Give yourself TLC: take care of your basic needs; eat right, rest, exercise, and maintain the company of others (friends, family, etc that offer support or encouragement) and then it will be easier to enjoy life regardless what is taking place. Plus, this moves you from fear to love; shifting your energy to move forward in a positive direction through guidance. **Meditation is highly recommended too….

4) I recommend you get a copy of the book ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne.

Thanks for your trusting me to answer your VIP question. Wishing you peace, love and joy ~ and prosperity! Keep me posted. Bless, LL

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