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Angel message for week 4/4/16: The ‘Angel of Expectancy’ delivers, most likely a message, this week, that you’ve long waited, and as well needed, to hear from another party (person). Just be open and receptive to receive this message in whatever manner it is delivered (may not be a phone message as depicted). Truth be told, it is an honest assessment from someone, who hasn’t had the wherewithal, nor timing, up till now, to share this message with you. It’s almost as if they ‘have’ to reach out, because outside circumstance pushed them to deliver at this moment. In part, this week is the next step for a delightful outcome by end of month, as a result of receiving this message (see April Angel Message), to forgive and clear the past for the future. IT helps you make a giant leap forward: Encouraging you to SPRING into action! Bless, LL

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