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Contact Higher Realms
April 6, 2023
April 27, 2023
Every Thursday
7:00 pm
8:00 pm


Contact Higher Realms for SuperNatural Power
Webinar with Laura Lee
Thursday, April 6, 13, 20, and 27, 2023
5 pm PT / 6 pm MT / 7 pm CT / 8 pm ET

You are psychic. Like me, you are naturally hard-wired to have intuitive experiences where all your prayers are answered. Join me on a four-week spiritual journey into higher realms where you’ll meet and greet your dearly departed, a spirit guide or guardian angel. You will personally see, hear, and have a sense of the divine presence for insight, guidance, and answers to an issue that weighs heavy upon your heart. I’ll show you how to tap into your SuperNatural power, your psychic ability, by building a relationship with a higher force that can guide you towards a life worth living and miraculous!

Benefits to you:

I am your spirit guide into higher realms to make contact. 

Every week you and I will journey into the heavens to meet and greet your guardian, a guide, or a dearly departed. My program is not via manual or digital video but an online session. We meet weekly for approximately an hour, where I can teach you how to channel higher realms to answer life’s questions. Our time together allows you to express thoughts, feelings, and questions during the learning process. You are also accessible to me, as your mentor (not a psychic medium), to share feedback on your progress. Plus, it’s good-spirited fun when we work in a like-minded group, where we can talk about “woo-woo,” spiritual experiences to learn and grow together.

Strengthen contact through lessons, exercises, and PLAYwork.

It’s essential to your development to keep material fresh to sharpen your skills. I designed the program with four weekly sessions. Each week, we delve into a specific lesson, perform an exercise, and offer you PLAY work to contact your spirit; a dearly departed, a guide, or a guardian angel, and receive higher guidance to a real-world problem.

Raise your vibration to connect to higher realms.

What does energy have to do with your connections – everything! Learn about the veil and how it shields your intuitive nature from blossoming. Making a few tweaks in your day-to-day life shifts your perspective and instantly adjusts your vibration. I share simple techniques that immediately improve your energy and enhance your connection to the spiritual realm.

Breakthrough blocks to psychically connect with your spirit. 

We all have blocks that we must shed to embrace our intuitive nature. There’s a taboo around psychic abilities and mediumship imposed by society and family norms. Many avoid contact because they don’t feel worthy or fear being labeled crazy. Everyday life, at home or work front, clutters our receptors too. I can teach you proven techniques for breakthrough blocks that also include;

  1. No one taught you how to connect to higher realms.
  2. Someone told you that spiritual contact is demonic.
  3. It’s scary to travel into unknown territory alone.
  4. You do not feel worthy of divine forces’ time.
  5. You are scared of what others will think of you.
  6. Believing that the paranormal is like the movies; scary!

You will quickly eliminate these fears by working with me as a full-time expert in the field. We will establish contact with your network of loved ones on the other side, spiritual guides (deities, master teachers, etc.), or your guardian angel (or God). You will come away from this workshop series connecting to one (or more) of these three categories in our time together.  Developing a relationship with the spiritual realm can make a difference when life throws you curve balls, and you come away miraculously unscathed!

Discern truth from false spiritual guidance from higher realms.

This subject is a hot topic in our current affairs. We often confuse the right advice with the wrong information or other people’s opinions. Many people are also concerned that their contact may have been wishful thinking. There is a clear distinction between truth and false guidance when you learn how to discern information intuitively. I have proven methods to help you filter out what’s right and not right for you. Believing in yourself and trusting your guidance is essential to living an authentic life.

Contacting higher realms will enhance everyday decision-making. 

I’ll guide you to strengthen your sixth sensory perception to SEE beyond the range of natural vision or attune to AUDIO frequencies from beyond. I will also teach you to trust your psychic senses for FEELING clear impressions. Finally, you’ll learn how to ‘KNOW’ when you receive an intuitive hit. Enhancing your extra-sensory perceptions, the sixth sense, to your five is the foundation for sound decision-making in our new world. Learning how to overcome real-world problems becomes simplified.

Cultivating a relationship with spirit is powerfully SuperNatural. 

Once you’ve strengthened your intuitive skills for dealing with real-life problems, applying them to other life challenges and avoiding crises becomes easy. I guide you on the spiritual journey, along with a group of like-minded people, into higher realms in each weekly meeting, which includes lessons, exercises, and PLAYwork to develop psychically. The experience is downright SuperNatural and powerful, revealing life-affirming miracles when you discover who guides you such as a dearly departed, a spirit guide, or a guardian angel.

Contact your dearly departed for healing grief. I will guide you into higher realms to see, feel, hear, and know you dearly departed is near. I believe personal contact with our loved ones is soul therapy for grief. The experience can help you heal, find closure, and bring peace of heart, mind, and soul to living life now. I know this to be true from personal experience and countless connections I’ve made for people as a professional healer and teacher. 

Contact your spirit guide for life direction. I will guide you to personally see, feel, hear, and know your spirit guide(s). Your spirit guide may or may not be someone you’ve met on earth. It can include a distant relative, a former colleague, a soulmate from another realm, animal spirits, or a spiritual master teacher that brings more insight, skills, or life direction to whatever challenge you face. Developing a rapport with your spiritual guide can make all the difference when life throws you curve balls.

Contact your guardian angel for divine guidance. I will guide you to see, feel, hear, and know your guardian angel. The celestial realm is accessible to all of us, no matter our faith. Light beings are not religious and are all-inclusive. The word Angel originated in Latin, from the Greeks, for Angelos, which means ‘messenger.’ Your angel watches and guides you daily, whether or not you believe. They anticipate your needs and lend a helping hand to guide your life. When you’re ready to ask and listen, this divine relationship is indispensable to living a fulfilled life.

What others said:

 “Thank you for teaching me in the program. I’ve started to hear spirits now with pictures to use as verification. My readings have improved. I was chatting with a friend, and her aunt showed up as well as several others. I was a bit overwhelmed with the number of them that showed up. My friend is sick with Parkinson’s and keeps thinking she would be better off on the other side, so I contacted her family. I asked her if she had an alarm clock with radio and if it kept coming on. She said she unplugged it ~ LOL ~ I told her that it was them (her family) trying to contact her. Thank you for the training you gave me. It has helped tremendously. I feel like I helped her today, and she said thank you. Lots of love to you and yours.” Angel Moody

“It’s incredible how you changed my paradigm of the world through this program. What I mistakenly took for granted was my inner guidance system trying to get my attention. You helped me see the light through a difficult period in my family’s life. The answers were always there in plain sight. You brought a level of awareness that awakened my spirit to see miracles. Thank you for your time and patience.” Love, Jodi Miller

“I enjoyed taking your group course and got a lot out of it. After having unexpected health issues, I wasn’t sure how it would go, but I knew I didn’t want to postpone. That was the right choice. I had some questions about where I was going with my life. After three years since my husband died, followed by my mothers passing a year and a half ago, there is still much grief, but I am making some changes and feel the comfort that they are still with me. I always have “chats” with him when I’m not sure about something. I got out of the course to look for subtle things that occur every day…we find answers there, though it may take a while to act on them. I loved your course’s suggestion about doing something we love each day, which I haven’t done for long. Thank you,” Renee Giardini

As a professional spiritualist, psychic medium, keynote, workshop instructor, and healer, I’ve helped thousands connect to higher realms. My program was time-tested over the last decade, sharing the stage alongside spiritual authors such as Deepak Chopra, Doreen Virtue, Marianne Williamson, Don Miguel Ruiz, and Dr. Wayne Dyer. In addition, I’ve designed personal programs for corporate executives, entrepreneurs, stockbrokers, authors, law enforcement, doctors, nurses, therapist, and stay-at-home mothers or fathers who seek to develop their intuitive abilities to navigate life’s obstacles. No matter who you are, or what you do professionally, life becomes a miraculous adventure having a professional relationship with your spirit!

We welcome global participation in this LIVE online program. Hurry, there is limited space for this venue. REGISTER NOW: Select the calendar date to activate your registration (and verify cookies) to proceed with checkout!


Thursday, April 6, 13, 20, and 27, 2023
5 pm PT / 6 pm MT / 7 pm CT / 8 pm ET
April 6, 2023
7:00 pm
April 27, 2023
8:00 pm
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