Contact Higher Realms
Contact Higher Realms for Self Empowerment
Seminar with Laura Lee
Tuesday, October 5, 12, 19, and 26, 2021 
6 pm PT / 7 pm MT / 8 pm CT / 9 pm ET
You are naturally psychic and hard-wired with supernatural powers to have intuitive experiences daily. More importantly, embracing your sixth sense strengthens contacting higher realms accessible to guide you. Be your own superhero and develop your psychic mediumship ability for self-empowerment through my four-week seminar.


Benefits to you:


I serve as your guide through the learning process. My program is not by manual or digital video, but a one-on-one session, where we meet by phone (or online) weekly where I teach you how to channel higher realms. We can connect no matter where you are on the world map. Our time together gives you the freedom to express thoughts, feelings, and questions during the learning process. You are also accessible to me, as your mentor (not as a psychic medium), by phone and email to share feedback on your progress. Plus, it’s more fun when we all work together, in a group, watching everyone’s progress unfold.


Strengthen contact with higher realms by lessons, exercises, and assigned homework. It’s essential to your development to keep material fresh for sharpening your skills. I designed the program with four forty-five-minute, weekly sessions. Each week, we delve into a specific lesson, perform an exercise, and offer homework that includes reading, journaling, or completing a personal task to contact your spirit (dearly departed, spiritual guide, or guardian angel) and deal with your real-world problem. Some of my students have found success facing off challenges such as terminal illness, grief from a lost loved one, separation or divorce, and career challenges or changes, to name a few.


Breakthrough blocks to raise your vibration to connect with higher realms psychically. We all have blocks that shield our intuitive nature. There’s a taboo around psychic abilities and mediumship put upon by social and family norms. Also, most people avoid contact altogether for fear of being labeled crazy or facing unknown territory alone. Everyday life, at home or work front, clutters our receptors too. There are proven methodologies to break through these barriers, raise your energy, and enhance spirit’s connection that I can teach you through our time together.


Your psychic skills will enhance everyday decision-making to overcome real-world problems. I’ll guide you to strengthen your sixth sensory perception to see beyond the range of natural vision as a clairvoyant or attune to audio frequencies beyond the typical hearing like a clairaudient. I will also teach you to become more clairsentient by trusting your feelings, senses for clear psychic impressions. Finally, you’ll learn how to ‘know’ when you receive an intuitive hit by enhancing your claircognizance ability. The sixth sense supports your five senses, and combined, are the foundation for sound decision-making.


Discern truthful from false spiritual guidance to live authentically. This subject is a hot topic in our current affairs. We often confuse the right advice with all the negative information or opinions hitting us from different directions. There are many people concerned that they have made up contact within their mind as wishful thinking. There is a distinct difference between what is right and wrong guidance when you learn discernment. I have proven methods to help you filter between truth and fiction. Learning to believe in yourself and trusting your inner guidance is essential to living an authentic life.


You will contact higher realms. I am by your side to demonstrate that 99.9% of the time, you are connecting with benevolent forces. You make contact every day, but most people don’t recognize the signs because:
  1. No one taught you how to connect to higher realms.
  2. The media put the scare factor into supernatural forces to boost ratings and make a buck.
  3. Someone told you that spiritual contact is demonic.
  4. It’s scary to travel into unknown territory when discussing death because it is the second biggest fear next to public speaking.
You will quickly eliminate these fears by establishing contact with your network of loved ones on the other side, spiritual guides (deities, master teachers, etc.), or your guardian angel (or God). It is possible to connect with one of these three categories in our time together.


Contact your dearly departed for healing. I will guide you into higher realms to see, feel, hear, and know your dearly departed is near. I believe personal contact with our loved ones is soul therapy for grief. The experience can help you heal, find closure, and bring peace of heart, mind, and soul to living life now. I know this to be true from personal experience and countless connections I’ve made for people as a professional healer and teacher.
Contact your spirit guide for direction. I will guide you to see, feel, hear, and know your spirit guide(s) personally. Your spirit guide may, or may not be, someone you’ve met on earth. It can include a distant relative, a former colleague, a soulmate from another realm, animal spirits, or a spiritual master teacher that brings more insight, skills, or life direction to whatever challenge you face. Developing a rapport with your spiritual guide can make all the difference when life throws you curve balls.
Contact your guardian angel for divine guidance. I will guide you to see, fee, hear and know your guardian angel(s) personally. The celestial realm is accessible to all of us, no matter our faith. Light beings are not religious and all-inclusive. The word Angel originated in Latin, from the Greeks, for Angelos, which means ‘messenger.’ Your angel watches and guides you every day, whether or not you believe. They anticipate your needs and lend a helping hand to guide your life. When you’re ready to ask and listen, this divine relationship is indispensable to living a full life.
Cultivate your mediumship skills for self-empowerment. I will help you hone those intuitive abilities for dealing with a real-life problem that you face. More importantly, the skill-sets you learn will apply to any other challenges you confront on a day-to-day basis. Four weekly (or online) meetings include a lesson, exercise, homework, and playback sessions for your review. You also have my attention to answer your questions during the process.


As a professional spiritual keynote, workshop instructor, and healer, I’ve helped thousands connect to higher realms. My program is time tested for the last 20 years. I shared the stage alongside spiritual authors such as Deepak Chopra, Doreen Virtue, Marianne Williamson, Don Miguel Ruiz, and Dr. Wayne Dyer throughout our country. My teleseminars have also taught people worldwide. Plus, I’ve designed personal mentorship programs for corporate executives, entrepreneurs, stockbrokers, authors, law enforcement, doctors, nurses, therapist, and stay-at-home mothers or fathers who sought to develop their intuitive abilities to navigate life’s obstacles. No matter who you are or what you do, your life can benefit from developing a relationship with your supernatural gifts.
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Tuesday’s, October 5, 12, 19, and 26, 2021
5 pm PT / 6 pm MT / 7 pm CT / 8 pm ET
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