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Enthusiasm ~ Angel Message:

A glimpse into the new year gives you a burst of energy and enthusiasm. Spirit delivers a message in a dream, daydream (vision), or you see or hear something that triggers the ‘on’ switch in you. It’s an ‘ah-ha’ moment where all the pieces come together and you see the big picture. The prospect for your future appears rosy.

Enthusiasm rises upon reflection of your past. All that time, long ago, was not so trivial after all. Nothing was/is ever wasted. Look how far you’ve traveled this year alone. Things you said and did prepared you for what is yet to come. It’s only now that you’re much more wiser to navigate the terrain.

Inner wisdom ignites your fire in the belly. You know who you are. Climbing the peaks and resting in the valleys tested your endurance and conviction. An inner strength emerges from your core spirit; a super hero in your own story. You lust for a life worth living ~ and with purpose. You know exactly what to do.

Keep me posted. Wishing you a Happy New Year! LL

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