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Angel Message for wk 6/15 ~ Enthusiasm: The ‘angel of enthusiasm’, will wave a flag in honor of you this week (interesting, because the USA observed Flag Day, yesterday, June 14, in honor of it’s stars and stripes). Since this point comes to mind, there is a correlation (even if you aren’t a US citizen), in a metaphorical sense, that you too have earned your stars and stripes up to this point. Meaning it’s been hard, and seems like an upward climb at times, but all of it made you stronger.  They are the things that you believe have scarred your soul. Instead, these trials and tribulations make up who you are, makes you more real, and special in your own way ~ you need to honor those parts of you too, because your story can connect and inspire other people. The opportunity will be given to you this week to capitalize on these facts, to be true to yourself and be open about these things at your core. It’s time to stop hiding, and fighting it, and instead embrace the past to be whole. This angel will stand in your corner, cheering you on, and their enthusiastic energy will rub off onto you ~ giving you the inner strength to BE yourself: To help you shine your inner beauty outward. Keep me posted. Bless, LL

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