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Angel Messages for Week: The Angel of Efficiency’ is helping you sort through your baggage to decide what’s worth keeping and what you need to throw out so that you can keep moving forward. This message is especially for you if you sensed a sinking feeling (drained, lifeless, sick and tired) over the last year; Its high time to toss over the garbage from your life boat so you can pick up the pace and make it to shore. This isn’t only physical things (drawers, closets, etc), it can include people too (professionally or personally), emotional baggage (forgive and forget to restore your power) and old beliefs that no longer serve you. Intuitively, you already know what’s got to go; Just trust it, because this is the ‘Angel of Efficiency’ inspiring you to make changes for your highest good. This is the perfect time too, because next week is the SUPER FULL MOON  (more powerful than an ordinary Full Moon) on November 14 which is the best time to let go and prepare for the New Year ~ a new, super version of you that you’ll love. Reread November post about Courage ~ and the January post about Dream to get the full scope of why this is an important part of your personal journey. Welcome your feedback. Bless, LL

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