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Angel Message for Wk 10/27 ~ Education: I see an angel instructing, educating, a group of angels in a class room setting. This means you are expected to learn something new this week: maybe through school, training, class, book, video, colleague/friend, etc. It can also mean you may be guiding others this week (indirectly/directly) too. You will be more reflective this week, because whatever you learn makes you think about things and the direction you are heading. Pay attention, because this information is going to provide you the knowledge whether to stop doing what you are doing, proceed with caution, or keep moving forward on your path. Be obedient towards the call, because you are receiving divine guidance as an answer to a prayer (or something you felt you needed answered). Towards the end of the week, you will know your ‘truth’ and you may be faced to have a heart to heart with another. This month has been about compassion, not only for self, but extending it to those you care for too. Keep me posted. Bless, LL

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