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Do ~ Angel Message:

You know what to do. The answer is within you. The thoughts swirl around in your head, softly repeating to nudge you to just go do it. Stop ignoring your inner wisdom with your nonsensical distractions, myriad of excuses you give yourself, or unfounded fears that only exist in your head. What’s the worse that can happen? It it’s not death, heed your intuition; act now. 

To be the person you dreamed, you must do it. That’s the answer in a nutshell. The idea was planted in your soul. You already are capable, and have the capacity to carry out the task at hand. It all within you. It’s never too late whatever it is that keeps nagging at you to do. It is only a matter of taking action. Confidence builds momentum. Baby steps is all that is required, which turn into a jog and before you realize it, you’re in a full on sprint. Believe.

To have what you desire, you must do it. Doing transforms stagnation into movement. No one else can do it for you, nor meet your expectations, better than yourself. Stop waiting on someone else’s permission and another person(s) to make the move on your behalf. It is within you to realize it fully and completely. There is no peace until you finish what you is left undone. Get it done. Performing the inevitable leaves you in control for desired results. Today is the day to just do it. 

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