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Discipline ~ Angel Message:

A self-disciplined practice emerges out of personal growth. What started as happenstance, you thought, was not. You were inspired by a higher calling to commit towards a direction that you previously avoided out of fear. Circumstances aligned with the heart’s desire to dedicate more time. Your dedication to a behavioral change is gaining momentum because it nets results. The change brings about positive effects on your self-esteem; you’re feeling good. With high spirits, you’re optimistic about the future. Plus, it unexpectedly increases your income too.  

People recognize the impact your discipline has had on their life. Your commitment to improving personal circumstances, for what you believed we’re selfish reasons, inadvertently touches the lives of others too. When people acknowledge your effort, personally and or publicly, receive it. They are messengers to signal that you’re on the right path. Their feedback, encouragement, and support from outside sources are motivating forces to proceed when doubts loom. Have faith that you are where you are supposed to be.

An underlying, subconscious need inspires your self-discipline. No one made you do anything, and you didn’t do it to receive recognition. It was born from an innate desire to love, appreciate, and respect oneself, which turned into a selfless act to give back in service. You radiate contagious joy. Remember what initially got you to this point; remain humble and committed to the process. The act of giving and receiving love replenishes and rejuvenates your soul to sustain your mission for the long haul. 

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