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VIP Message for Lane: I lost my job in December. My unemployment and insurance coverage ends the beginning of next month. I have been unsuccessful in finding a new job. I don’t know where I should be looking. I’ve had interest in a particular company, but can’t ever seem to get an interview. Do I need to look for something other than HR, which is my background? I’d love to not go back to work, but I have my kids’ student loans to pay, medical bills, and I will also need medical insurance. Besides all this, earlier this year I fell and severely cut my leg. I had 32 staples in my leg, developed an 8” DVT ~ my leg will never quite be the same. Can you provide me any direction?
Medium Laura Lee:  I’m sorry to hear your news Lane. I know it can be a tough market at this time, because the rules have changed world-wide. But hang in there. Do not give up. On a metaphysical, spiritual level, a foot or leg injury means that you are having a difficult time, fear of the unknown, moving forward (walking, moving, ahead) concerning everything in life. Losing a job, like any loss, can open the flood gates of grief. And you are in the midst of your grieving process ~ suggest meditate, exercise, and rest. There is a reason for this pause so to take a hard look at where you are going at this point. But, whatever you do, don’t stop moving forward just because the one company you seek for employment hasn’t responded. Do not allow grief to cut you off from the world. Any movement activates positive energy. First, find ways to restore your health, your leg, which is most important ~ because where would you be without your health? If you haven’t already, please solicit job hunters (multiple; including online sources) to work on your behalf; be open and flexible to their direction. Contract work is available for someone in your position. While it may not offer some of the same luxuries as your previous employer, including pay and benefits, it will offer you some of the freedom you wish at this time ~ besides, it will help cover your expenses. Plus, I believe it will move you in directions you hadn’t thought possible…geographically.
A father figure says you are in a position that you hadn’t ever dreamt would ever come your way given your education and status in the company. There is someone you know who went through a similar situation, that you were extremely judgmental, harsh and critical, about their lack of effort to find work and take care of themselves; especially concerning medical care. Now you find yourself in a similar position. I am told this was a family member ~ and to make amends. (IF this matter has surfaced in your consciousness more than once, it is seeking to be healed within). Part of your transition is about compassion; for yourself and the other person ~ this will help you heal and to move forward. Regarding your personal situation, there was nothing you could have done to prevent being laid off from your job. You can’t always control the surrounding circumstances, but you can control and manage how you overcome your adversity. And you will ~ sending you healing prayers Lane. Keep me posted. Bless, LL
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