Contact Your Guardian Angel

Contact your angel for divine guidance. The word Angel originates from the Latin word, borrowed from the Greeks, Angelos, which means messenger. Everyone has a guardian angel. Your angel watches over you every day, whether or not you believe. They inspire, guide, and offer a helping hand, even when you’re not paying attention. When you’re ready to ask and listen, this divine relationship is indispensable to living a fulfilled life. I designed a 60-minute program to increase your awareness of the celestial realm and to contact your angel in random readings for audience members.

I serve as a guide to contact your angel. This program is not a manual, nor an audio recording, but a real-life session where we meet over a conference line. You will connect with other like-minded individuals who also want to establish divine contact. More importantly, you can participate from anywhere on the world map by joining the call. As your guide, I am attuned to your unique needs during our meeting and share divine guidance from your angel. More importantly, I’ll share how you contact your angel daily, unaware, too.

Learn to release blocks to contact your angel. We all have blocks that shield our intuitive nature and lower our energy that make it difficult to connect. There’s a taboo around the subject matter of mediumship (communicating to other realms such as angels), put onto us by religion, society, and family norms. Most avoid it for fear of being ridiculed. Everyday life, at home or the work front, such as financial, relationship, and health matters, can clutter our receptors too. I share a simple yet proven method to break through barriers, raise your vibration, and contact your angel.

Learn recognizable signs from your angel. You make contact with your angel every day! Most often, our angels’ signs go unrecognized. First, no one taught us how to connect to higher realms. Second, because of our religious upbringing, we were told that we might open ourselves to a demonic entity instead of an angel. And thanks to the media, seeking a quick buck, capitalize on the scare factor into supernatural phenomena boosts ratings. And third, there is something that frightens us about exploring unknown territory without a guide. Recognizing contact with higher realms is established; these fears dissolve away.

Learn how angels share divine guidance. You’ll receive divine guidance from your angel during this meeting in random readings. I’ll also help you recognize how your sixth sensory perception, inherent within you, is already receiving divine guidance to make decisions daily. I’ll demonstrate how you were seeing beyond the range of natural vision like any clairvoyant or attuned to frequencies beyond ordinary reception as a clairaudient. Learn how your clairsentience fields are activated to receive feelings and scents that denote a divine connection to higher realms. Finally, you’ll discover how you instantly recognize, claircognizance, when you’re receiving divine contact. These intuitive senses are the foundation, and support your five senses, for receiving divine guidance to make sound decisions for life.

Learn how to discern truth from false guidance. The subject surrounding what’s ‘true’ advice is a popular topic in current affairs. Guidance is tricky. We may confuse truth from fiction by bundling the information hitting us from all different directions in the world today. But there is a distinct difference between what is right from wrong, once you learn discernment. Learn the number one technique that I use to help filter between the two polarities. Learning to trust your guidance is an essential key to living an authentic life.

Contact your angel is a time tested program. I put this program to practice in workshops on the national conference circuit and personally mentor students from all over the world. I’ve designed programs for corporate executives, entrepreneurs, stockbrokers, authors, law enforcement, doctors, nurses, health care professionals, and stay at home mothers (fathers too) who sought to develop a connection to their intuition, angels, dearly departed and spirit guides. No matter who you are or what you do, contacting your guardian angel for divine guidance proves life is a daily miracle.

What others have said about Contact Your Angel:

“I enjoyed the call very much. Glad I found out what the tingling vibrations were in my ears. I wondered if it had to do with angels. I also sometimes get the warmth like they are giving me a hug. Also, the lights and confirmative goosebumps. I loved angels all my life. I knew they were there with me during some very trying times in my childhood…so, I’ve always had a fascination with angels. Thank you…” Brandi Eson

“Thanks so much for the seminar. I was holding a lot of questions for a long time…things that happen to me that I couldn’t find anybody to ask. You answered everything yesterday! It was amazing. Also, you called on me and it was so beautiful…I get a little nervous and insecure to answer the call because sometimes I feel I have a barrier of language and maybe I will not understand everything.. but I did it not matter. Since I saw you on Gaia the first time, I said, “it will be awesome to have an experience of reading with her”! I’m looking forward to working with you as a student…I’m really want to connect with my Angel! Thanks a lot.” Paula Bonilla

“I was on the angel call tonight and enjoyed it….Going over extrasensory abilities ~ opens people up to understand that there are other ways to get in touch with angels besides seeing. I am thinking about doing a group class.” Joy Buller

“I’ve received readings from Laura Lee in the past.  I am always amazed at her accuracy, so I’ve come to feel comfortable with sessions like this seminar and trust what is being shared in the group readings.  I’d never heard the story of how Laura came to be a medium, so I enjoyed hearing that part of her life.  It also provided another level of credibility. Recently, I have become more aware of visions, thoughts, and feelings that I experience and realize that I have a strong intuition.  I’m fascinated with meditation, energy work, and everything that aligns with it. This teleseminar was very informative and gave me a deeper understanding of intuitive modalities as well as an awareness of my strengths.  I found it very uplifting and felt that my vibration was raised.  I also feel I’m one step further in developing my discernment. Thank you for the session yesterday.” Lisa Walker

What is a world teleseminar? Call into a dedicated conference line from anywhere around the world to participate in this live event with Laura Lee. International phone lines are available, too, by request. You will receive a confirmation email with details upon registration. Space is limited in these venues.