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Angel Message for December 2015: The angel of communication is Archangel Gabriel. She’ll pay you a visit this month, before the end of 2015, to help you reconnect with friends and family over the holiday season. This includes those living and in spirit form. Even if there were past grievances between you and a loved one (both living/deceased), things are made clear, brought to the open, and help you reunite and/or find closure. This clears the air and leaves space for PEACE (I hear the lyrics to a Christmas song; Peace on earth.…Goodwill to all men)** When we find our inner world is at peace, we send out a vibration of peace to our outer world. Our inward light is reflected outward into the world. Peace equals love and trumps fear. Peace (love) is contagious, like fear, only ten-times more powerful. Once we find our center, our inner sanctuary, by letting go of our expectations, miracles begin to occur. Creative solutions appear ~ almost like magic. Then change happens: peace on earth has a chance to prevail. Our souls, your soul, ultimately strives to achieve this goal in the world. Welcome your feedback. Bless, LL

**The lyrics are from this song; ‘I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day’ ~ Bing Crosby’s Version

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The poem, ‘I Heard the Bells,’ turned  song, was written by Henry Longfellow on Christmas Day 1862. He was inspired to write this poem while in despair and grief for losing his wife Fannie and receiving his injured son from battle. IF you play this song, really listen to the words. It rings truth. Let’s just hope this message includes the peace in our world ~ not just during our holiday season, but throughout the year in 2016. Read more about Longfellow’s story and poem/song

PSS This concludes my angel messages for 2015. I suggest rereading the angel message for January 2015: Courage. It plays a large role in closing out our year and may help paint a bigger picture for your life.

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