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Angel Message for Week; The ‘Angel of Communication’ reconnects you to various people this week. These people help you climb your mountain (metaphorically speaking ~ unless you are planning a hiking expedition!); A goal that you aspire to attain. Your life purpose is intertwined with these connections. This angel shines a light upon you revealing your strengths, but as well, your weaknesses. These include deep insecurities such as old beliefs, fears, and or ideas that no longer serve you. It’s very easy to recognize these blocks, because they fester within your soul. When you dwell upon these fears, they hold you back from making decisions to move forward. You may even become depressed, and/or cry, which is okay because it’s the bodies natural way to purify these negative feelings. Purging, or clearing, can give you keen insights to help you move forward and push through fear. Bless, LL

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