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Angel Message: Clean Slate


CLEAN SLATE ~ I see an angel standing with arms open wide, in shades of pink aura, on a clean slate…as if to share that it is important you remain open to the possibilities concerning love relationships in your life we have to release the past. Sure, you’ve traveled through some rough patches on the road, but it is important to come to terms with those matters from your past otherwise they will continue to lead you down those same paths. Thus, we have to start again and ‘clean the slate’… So I witness the angel hug another angel as to demonstrate ‘compassion’….first, for self. Let go of holding onto any past grievances that you ‘think’ you’ve done wrong. Second, make amends to the person(s) that holds grief over you and/or you towards them. You can do physical things such as write a letter or go tell them in person that you are sorry. You can also heal, spiritually. Go to a quiet space and close your eyes. Welcome the heavens, or your Angel, into your sacred space to intervene and heal a particular relationship (can be anyone where there are grievances; family, friend, love, etc). Then visualize this person in front of you. Tell them what you wanted to say and then send them love from your heart to their heart (do this more than a few times by inhaling the light and exhaling from your heart to their heart). And then, send them off in the light with love. See an angel take them by the hand and fly away with this person….while thanking your angel to release the burden from your heart and restore it with love. You should feel a lightness of being. IF not, continue to repeat the practice until you do. After doing the work, the angel peers through binoculars over a horizon as if to communicate that you will have ‘clarity’ regarding the lessons you learned, what it was about, and what you need to do in the future. Because you have a clear slate…you mind, body and soul will be more open to love. Keep me posted. Bless, LL

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