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Angel Message for July: The ‘Angel of Clarity’ is going to give you a glimpse into your future ~ with a clear vision. It may seem far off, but it is closer than you realize. To make this journey, keep in mind to be easy on yourself…tenderness helps you overcome fears and allows you to go the distance. If you make a mistake or make a wrong turn ~ so what! Instead of being hard on yourself ~ recalibrate and get yourself back on track by dropping any past issues, negative self talk (replace with a positive affirmation), and keep naysayers at bay. Only speak to those who are supportive. Be flexible about how you go about getting from where you are now to point, then all the way to the final destination. Stay focused on the goal ahead, but don’t get worked up about things that haven’t happened ~ most likely they never will. Take the big picture, break it down step by step, day by day, so not to overwhelm yourself. You have to believe in yourself to achieve. Welcome your feedback ~ Bless. LL

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