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Ceiling lights blinked

Messages of Love from Melissa: It was about two years after my mom passed away. My husband and I were watching a travel program on television about the country Turkey. It was at the end of the show that the television host featured a tradition in a small rural village. When guests leave a home after an extended visit, the tradition is to throw buckets of water after the vehicle as the guests depart. It is an open invitation for guest to return someday.  My husband and I were laughing at how unusual and comical it was to watch the village people do this. My husband then commented on what my mom probably would be saying to herself as she hurled buckets of water at her house guests. My mom had a wicked sense of humor! The words were hardly out of his mouth, and I was laughing and agreeing with him, when two overhead ceiling lights blinked three times!  We were stunned ~ the lights were not even turned on!  We interpreted those three blinks as mom with us and saying,“ha, ha, ha.”

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