COVID vaccine; OK? ~ VIP Message: I speak to my spirit guides, ascended masters, and angels all the time, but I can’t hear them,
feel tired
Not feel tired ~ VIP  Message: I’ve started to hear spirits now, showing me pictures to use as verification. I get tired after I
Good or bad sign
Good or bad sign ~ VIP Message:  Laura, can you tell me if this a good or bad sign? I came across an owl
The third attempt ~ VIP Message for Leanne:  I have made two IVF attempts to get pregnant and am over 45. Both attempts FAILED.
Past Life ~ VIP Message: What was my most recent past life? Tia  Laura Lee: The image that comes to mind is an elderly lady
Searching for happiness ~ VIP Message: I recently changed jobs to pay off mounting debts. Honestly, I was unhappy in that old job. I’m
Shift my energy ~ VIP Message:  My youngest daughter, Joy, 31 years old, passed away in October. I feel her death was in direct
Wants a sign ~ VIP Message:  My mom, Caroline, died in 2017; I emailed you back then, and your reply, “She guides a child
Receiving visions ~ VIP Message:  I have been receiving visions for about a year now, and I do not know what they mean or
The right path ~ VIP Message for Lily: My question to my angels: My husband and I bought a building in a nearby town
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COVID vaccine; OK?

11 Jun 2021


01 Jun 2021
She waits

She waits now

24 May 2021