Hopeful ~ Angel Message: Keep hopeful in spirit for what lies ahead. Your future is now, depending on the choices you make today. You
Persevere ~ Angel Message: Persevere on your intended course. Remember the reason ‘why’ you chose to do what you’re doing to remain steadfast. Write
Attention ~ Angel Message: Pay attention to what matters most to you. Your best intentions can fall wayside if you aren’t doing the necessary


Try ~ Angel Message: There’s no need to try so hard when you already are. Embody this belief to achieve whatever it is you
Alarm ~ Angel Message: There’s no need for alarm. Your body’s warning signals were not to scare you but built in to get your
Serenity ~ Angel Message:  Surrender what you can’t control to find serenity. The world gives you the false impression that you can have it
Balance ~ Angel Message: You find that sweet spot for life balance. You know you’re off-balance when spinning circles like a top that’s out
Enthusiasm ~ Angel Message:  Your enthusiasm is contagious. Something and or someone’s interest, approval, and or praise arouses intense feelings of joy. Not that
Efficient ~ Angel Message:  You are highly efficient. The inspiration you needed, comes naturally. You work on a project in an organized manner that
Loyal ~ Angel Message:  Remain loyal to your heart. When you are faithful to the heart, stars line up in your favor. It may
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COVID vaccine; OK?

11 Jun 2021


01 Jun 2021
She waits

She waits now

24 May 2021