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Calm ~ Angel Message:

Remain calm when going gets tough. Being panicked doesn’t help resolve problems. It only exacerbates challenges when you’re focused on them alone.  Don’t let yourself back down just yet. See it through to the end. Do you recall why you chose to go down this road? Now is the time to remember. What you’re feeling now is a temporary phase that shall pass. It is only your fear. Fear makes you angry, scared, tired, and depressed at the dismal prospects. It’s all a lie. Don’t give up. 

Be kind to yourself by looking fear straight in the eye. Ask yourself, ‘what’s the worse that can happen?’ IF it’s not death, get on with it. Stop wasting time looking at the past. And why worry about a future that hasn’t happened? Refocus your attention on this present situation. Self-doubt is part of the process with any significant undertaking. Tell that condescending, self-criticizing voice to shut up. Replace it with positive affirmations to carry you through this period. You’ll transcend the darkness and see the light. 

A creative spark offers solutions. Act, at once, upon your idea(s) and instincts. More importantly, do it now if you see, feel, or hear it more than three times! They are answers you seek from higher guidance. You’ll hear yourself say, “Oh, right, that’s it…” The big picture comes into clear view again. Your passion resurfaces with a renewed outlook for the future. You’ll feel more confident, secure, and calmly carry on. You enter a new phase that is rewarding on many levels.

Armchair archer, Matt Stutzman, became one of the best in the world after conquering his fears. See his story on CBS Sunday Morning

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