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Angel Message for March: You shine bright, like a twinkling star, among others. Shout out to the world in your very clear and vibrant pitch. Leaders who demonstrated extraordinary boldness include Oscar winners/nominees; Best Actress Frances McDormand for Three Billboards using her platform for the women and diversity movement; Jordan Peele, first African American screenwriter (director and producer) to win Oscar for a horror film based on race relations called Get Out. He dedicates his Oscar to those who helped him raise his voice that he attempted to smother for fear of what he could/couldn’t do; Keala Settle belts out This is Me from The Greatest Showman ~ she owns it in her audition clip; (The song didn’t win the Oscar, but it was a clear winner of audience’s hearts).

The universe will reward you too for being the very best version of self. It’s called grace; A simple flow, refinement, will move through you and shape shift the world to conform. Shinning your light overpowers fears and negativity from others. People will offer their support, share words of encouragement and open doors to give you a sense of strength; Empowerment. Hold your head up high. Always welcome your feedback. Bless, LL

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