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Blocked off connecting
VIP Message for Lauren: As a child, I experienced an angel at the end of my bed. After being encouraged to explore this phenomena, I began experiencing a malevolent presence three out of seven evenings in my sleep. Then my husband passed away when I was 45. I am very in tune with the energies and spirits around me, but had blocked off connecting out of fear. Recently I experienced another life altering experience and began reconnecting again. Once again, a bad presence came to me. I practiced calling in the angels with love to keep it at bay. Your insight would be appreciated; Any suggestions how I can connect with angelic energy that I can feel around me every where without encountering evil at night?
Medium Laura Lee: I’m very sorry to hear about the loss of your husband. I’m sure you are still working through your grief, but he remains very close to you. I believe you have a photo of him (and possibly you together) that is near you as a daily reminder that he’s there for you. One that comes to mind was/or still is situated by your bedside. IF so, this is to confirm his presence
I remember having experiences with spirit as a child. While I had visitations regularly, they happened mostly at night. I was so scared of the dark. I could see, feel, hear, and smell them in my space. I thought that every experience was in part evil. It didn’t help that I was told in church that we weren’t to communicate with spirit(s) for fear that they could be a ‘demon’ in disguise. It wasn’t until my late teens that I had a near death experience. It was a pivotal turning point in my personal development. I learned then there was nothing to fear. IT is all LOVE. And sometimes, that malevolent spirit is simply a soul that perhaps had a traumatic experience (because they remain close to earth for closure) that knows you’re a portal to pass on a message ~ sometimes disturbing images, feelings, thoughts, that don’t feel good are transmitted. I also believe that a lot of previous programming (i.e. church, plus more things) had its grip on me too. Bottom line, it was fear of the unknown, and my own ignorance, that scared me from progressing forward.
“blocked off connecting out of fear.”  F.E.A.R. = Failed expectations appearing real
I’m not suggesting that the dark spirit you have sensed isn’t real ~ it is indeed real to you. However, if we radiate ear (subconsciously or unconsciously) it attracts lower vibrational energies. Entities, as well as people that resonate in that energetic space, feed off fear ~ glom onto you (and or your husband for that 3-7 years). The good news is that you are always in control and you can change this dynamic. You may want to ASK your Angel, in meditation, to pinpoint why you ‘fear’ making contact. ’Trust’ whatever is presented. Then ASK for them to release that burden from your heart and restore it with love to be open to their communication. You may have to do this more than once to detox the soul, because it can go as far back as a past life.
Here are my other recommendations that work with consistent practice;
1) You have the power. Do not feel threatened by a spirits presence. If you choose not to engage with a particular spirit, insist that it go away. Express with conviction that it isn’t welcome in your space and demand it leave at once. Develop the courage during dream state, conscious too, to use your voice and command control over your domain. You always have the choice to respond. Avoid responding in fear.
2) Clear you space. Home and self. This doesn’t mean smoking yourself out with sage or splashing holy water all over the place. These practices, tools, only work with sincere intention and prayer (or affirm). Whether or not you choose to use a ‘tool’, which isn’t necessary for clearing, always invite angels in white light to work with you. I recommend praying out loud, whatever is expressed from your heart. Affirm as if it is done, is most effective to strategically clear your space.
3) Raise your vibe. Doing the basics helps; exercise, eating right and getting adequate rest. A regular meditation practice will help you rise above the fray of lower energies. So does being outside in nature (house plants and flowers) raise vibration. Engaging in activities that you love gives good vibes. It helps being surrounded by the people you love, and love and support you. Hugging people and social interaction is essential to thriving in life. Pets raise vibration too. Basically ~ love by living your life!
If you are on medications, this can lower your vibe ~ as does alcohol (otherwise formerly called ’spirits’), smoking, etc. If you can’t step aside from medical prescriptions, do everything else you can to raise your energy that I listed above. Avoid scary movies, stories, and negative people ~ sure you get my drift. Avoid news if it lowers your energy. Heavy emotions such as GRIEF (no doubt you are still processing), sorrow, anger, greed, jealousy, are all FEAR ~ while they are very human emotions that we all encounter, it is so important that you deal with them head on. Allow them to process through your body to transcend (i.e. sometimes we all need a good cry 🙂  ~ if necessary, go talk to a counselor or a good friend to help you process. All this helps raise your energy!
4) Protection prayer. I suggest using this prayer before connecting to spirit and at night. VISUALIZE the white light (like the sun) shine down upon you showering golden rays to clear your body of all negativities, fears and blocks. And then INVITE the angels; “I welcome into my sacred space, all angels of white light (or your personal angel or guide) to provide protection as you guide me (in my dreams) for my highest spiritual, mental and physical well being.” You can also add in whatever comes to your heart ~ but this is the jest of it. To this day, I ask for protection at night so that my rest isn’t disturbed; it comes with the territory if you’re going to play around in the field.
Finally, I suggest you review the latest podcast where I spoke about becoming a Soldier of Love on A Fine Time for Healing ~ to overcome lower energies that are being transmitted on a global level and crushing us on a macro level into our homes! And IF you desire more help, I privately mentor students who are ready to progress to the next level.
Bless, LL
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