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Angel Messages for Week 6/8 ~ Birth: There is an angel holding a baby 🙂 which can mean one of two things ~ either that the ‘angel of birth’ is bringing you good news about a baby! Yay, right?! Or that your are going to birth a new idea that will help you solve a dilemma that you’ve been fretting over for awhile! Yippee! Either way, I’m told that the good news will make you feel good and give you signals like goose bumps all over the body, butterflies in the stomach, and your heart will swell with good vibrations  (or a warming sensation, but not like heart burn!). This of course, means just go with it and not to fight it (or resist with rational thinking) since there is something bigger planned ~ than even your tiny mind could imagine! Welcome your feedback! Bless, LL PS Makes me think of Beach Boys, Good Vibrations (just in time for summer);

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