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Birth ~ Angel Message:

You’re giving birth to a new you. It may have come to you as an idea to take on a new role such as a parent/grandparent/godparent, partner/relationship, business, career, project, or creative endeavor. Maybe you’re inspired to evolve in more than one role. Whatever form, however, it began with a reoccurring thought, dream, that keeps tugging at you. And it won’t let go. That is why you’re taking the necessary steps, however small, towards this destination. 

Birth means that you are healing from a period of confusion. It may have been an overwhelming time where you felt disoriented, processing many emotions. Overcoming a challenge inspires and motivates you to put the pieces back together. You can see clearly the blessing of your transformation. It had to happen for you to embrace this new life phase. Coming through the other side now, you see how things are improving. These telltale signs give reason to proceed with your intended objective. 

Your birth gives life purpose with passion. It’s not going to be easy peasy. Money, fame, and power are not motivation enough to sustain long term success. You realize heart and soul are what will carry you through the peaks and valleys. It is more significant than you. 

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