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Believe in yourself. Given the pending circumstances with COVID, there’s no time to waste on thoughts that weaken your spirit. Release ideas that you’re not strong enough, smart enough, good enough, healthy enough, attractive enough, or wealthy enough to make it. Those thoughts are not divine. Waste no energy on others who make you feel marginalized too. They feel small and belittle others to prop themselves up. You’re more powerful than you realize; you are beautiful, strong, healthy, and have enough to make it. You have all that you need to succeed. Remember these things to muster all your strength to rise above the fear that has thrust upon you.

Believe in a higher power. It works all around you and through you even when you feel weak. Call upon the force to strengthen your resolve. While you judge all that you see as bad or good happening in your world, it is neither. It is what it IS. Challenge yourself to go about your day by witnessing your surroundings, people, and events non judgmentally. Move with life’s current to forge ahead with grace. Resisting the flow brings about discord, lowering your energy that blocks life’s blessings. Miracles emerge out of difficulties. Everything that happens, the changes in your environment, is for a reason. It is not evident to you at first. But as time passes, you’ll see a bigger picture and that the change was for your higher good too.

Believe in humanity. Despite the bad press (which sells ratings), there is good in all. Humans strive to be better. Even if it appears someone else’s ideas are contrary to what you believe is right, they’re view is no less or more right than yours. It’s all right. Each persons perspective of the situation is with sincerest of intentions. More people, than not, are doing their best to rise to the occasion in the best way they know-how. The very act of serving yourself and the better good of yours, serves the highest for all. It’s in your nature to not only survive ~ but thrive. And you will.

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