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Beginning ~ Angel Message:

A new beginning is emerging within you. You’ve felt it coming on for a long while. There have been emotional, mental, and as well as physical preparations for making this change. You know where you’re heading despite life getting in the way with its roadblocks here or there. These were all test to realize the power lies within you. Commit to taking it to the next level.

Muster up the inner courage to designate time ~ daily. Your soul won’t stop pushing until you take it all on. Consider the way life has arranged itself for you; it’s possible more than ever now. If it requires that you schedule time into your calendar, do it now. Need to book an appointment, today is the day. You know who to call. Compose and send that email you’ve started many times but walked away. You already know the next step, but hesitate because you’re scared. Ask us to give you the courage to make it happen. 

Loving yourself is the impetus for this new beginning. Your heart sends signals of good vibes.  Admit it that you can’t wait to get on with it. It pains you to do anything that isn’t in alignment with your soul. Stop making excuses about why you have to suffer. When you’re unhappy, others are unhappy. You repel people. When you love yourself, other people will love you too. The stars will line up, showing you the way.  

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