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Beauty ~ Angel Message:

You recognize beauty by a single moment. As ugly as it may appear, at times, there is something to be said about its appeal too. It can mean a specific person, a thing, or a situation (or all) that has caused you undue stress ~ only you can discern what that is for you. Just as the day passes into night and back into day, so does darkness transcends into the light.  One cannot exist without the other. It is part of life. 

Embrace beautiful moments that inspire you. How does it make you feel? What does it make you think? Are you called to take action? Pay attention. Do what moves you immediately. Fear causes you to hesitate. Get out of your head. Override any compulsion to hold back, especially if you keep running tapes to ‘do.’ Divine guidance is offering a creative solution to a pending challenge. 

Beauty touches the heart tenderly with peace. It gives you a moment of reprieve from the chaos to see clearly. They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder for a good reason. It is God’s way to speak to you directly; a sign of grace designed to capture your attention through all the clutter to say that life is good. 

Lt. Governor of Pennsylvania, John Fetterman, transcends the despair of a young woman and turns it into a beautiful moment for her and her family. Read more New York Times

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