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Angel Message for week 4/11/16: The ‘Angel of Balance’ comes into your life this week to show you were to focus your time and energy. Pay attention to your body’s signals as clues. For instance, if you find that you are knocked off your feet, at home sick, on bed rest, it means you’ve been working too hard and not nurturing your soul by offsetting time with an activity to restore balance ~ which can be as easy as quiet time. Your well-being is first priority ~ even if you are the breadwinner for the family! Where are you without your health? Are you burdened by headaches, stomach aches, or even heart burn? Listen to these cues. Watch when, where and around whom these pains arise. IF you find yourself frustrated, angry, or sad at work, with someone, or someplace ~ pay attention to these emotional cues. Also, recognize moments that bring you peace, joy or love into your life ~ and refocus more of your attention towards these directions. IF necessary, schedule time with these people, activities, and spaces for more life balance. The ‘Angel of Balance’ will bring awareness to these key areas and help you refocus your attention. Knowledge is power; The more you understand yourself, the more of your power you retain. Don’t give yourself, your power, over to other people or situations. You have the ability to choose how to respond in each situation. Making these important life decisions will make a world of difference for reaching long term goals, dreams and aspirations. Keep me posted! Bless, LL

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