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Career intuition

VIP Message for Kate: I graduate with a master’s degree in May and starting my job search. I’ve applied to a handful of jobs and have had two interviews but so far have not found a job. I am wondering if you could provide me with information on what kind of job is best for me during the next step of my life. Mostly, I am thinking about going back into teaching high school/middle school. I also want to start a doctorate but I am so confused if I should start this next school year in the evening, and locally, or if I should wait a couple of years when my son is in college and then go to the university I want to attend. Can you offer any career intuition? Thanks!

Medium Laura Lee: Congratulations Kate! I know (and not only intuitively ~ but as a REAL fact!) that the state is in a hiring crisis for teachers now ~ they are desperate for quality substitutes too. Think this might have something to do with budget cuts and not to mention the safety factor ~ which wasn’t written into teacher’s job descriptions! You’re a brave soul to enter the field ~ but, obviously you got a handle on the situation ~ otherwise you wouldn’t consider teaching as an option. Keep listening to your instincts.

I have a sense you’ll land a teaching job before the school year begins. As for a doctorate, I understand your concern. Yet, your son, at this stage of life, is learning independence. He’ll be busy with his own thing (like a job too :-). You’ll be left hanging. I recommend you go for the doctorate as soon as possible to make yourself more marketable. You’ll make it work out with timing too. This may make things easier and more flexible, as far as location is concerned, when your son goes off/away to school. Besides all this, you’re such a great roll model for your son. Your actions demonstrate what it takes in the real world. Don’t hold back now, that’s your ego convincing you to remain small. Step into your light now so that you may thrive.

I recommend reading Angel Message for March; Bright as it applies to your situation. And or cut/paste url into browser;

I keep seeing chess (it won’t shut off), while writing your message.  ~ Does this mean anything to you and your son? IF so, it confirms this message. Keep me posted!

Bless, LL

Follow up email from Kate: Chess was a big part of my life with my son when he was growing up.  My grandpa, who often comes through you, taught me to play chess when I was a kid.  I bought “The Simpsons” chess game when I was 12 and even though I haven’t kept a lot of belongings as I had too much I always kept this chess game.  I taught my son and the other little ones to play in my first and second daycares.  My son was probably two when he was first introduced to the game.  I pride myself in never letting him beat me (or any kid) until he had the strategy to do it on his own.  We had so many hours with just the two of us and many of those hours we were playing chess.  He is very good at the game and plays in the chess club when it doesn’t interfere with sports. 

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