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December Angel Message:
Miracles happen every day around you.

A higher-order administers miracles through people to give hope that something grander exists. These worldly wonders transcend time and space to demonstrate that you aren’t alone, your prayers are heard and that you are supported for your higher good. There is something wrong if you don’t see miracles – daily. Having faith is a crucial component for good to come pouring into your life.

Miracles easily appear when you’re in love.

Your body, mind, and soul rise above the fray to see possibilities in self and humanity. When your energy is high on life, it breaks barriers down to recognize these universal wonders. Romantic love isn’t the only way to see the world’s magic. Taking tender loving care of yourself and those around you will help you rise to the occasion to witness divine revelations.

Miracles flourish in a childlike innocent state.

The holiday season can bring about this shift to remind you of their possibility. But any time of year, you can bring about miracles quickly by returning to your innocence. If you are out of practice, it is easy to initiate your childlike state by playing a game (with a child or pet :-), laughing, joking, dancing, singing, being goofy, or simply being creative. Be open to seeing daily miracles, give thanks for their arrival and many more will bless your life.

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