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Leave it alone
Angel Message:
Leave it alone for now.

Let it rest. Ask for a time out or permit yourself to get some fresh air to breathe when things are too tense. Leave because you’re taking 100% ownership in that instant. It’s not all of yours to carry. Leave because clinging to the past doesn’t serve you at the moment. Leave before you become too attached and a defeatest outcome percolates in your head. Let time heal to see from a fresh perspective and be open to the possibilities.

You are always free to leave.

And not making any decision is sometimes the best decision in any given scenario. More importantly, if you sense any hesitation in the body, it’s unclear for you to give anyone a clear answer, including yourself. And if the other party values your contribution, they’ll wait. Vacating the premise of a situation is a healthy way to make a significant decision that impacts you. Stepping back allows you to restore your self-power and balance rather than shooting out an emotionally based response.

To leave doesn’t always mean that it’s a done deal.

Holding onto too tightly to what you want is fear-based, and it says you’re not enough. And what you want is the icing on top of the cake, which you are well within reason for asking. Despite what you or the other party may question what you lack, you have everything you need, who you are, and where you are at any given moment. The truth is, you are loved and supported all the time by the universe. And it’s not saying you won’t eventually get what you want; it’s just that there are steps to take before you arrive at the destination. By owning your role and responsibility, clarity arises for mutual understanding. Go back to compromise to find a way to retain, restore, and build relationships.

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