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Angel Messages of Week: Ease. You move through all obstructions with grace and ease. Most barriers are created by your own mind. This week, however, you’re wide open and receptive to solutions that seemingly appear out of the blue. And this is going to happen when you’re having fun, playing. “Playing…” You think. “Right?” Pay attention when divine intervention engages you in something where you feel like it’s play.

Play. Your passage is unrestricted when you play. Remember when you were a child and you’d get lost in play. Time disappeared. You made things up as you went along. There were little boundaries other than what you created. And if someone did create a new rule, you found a way to work around it. If there was a disagreement that separated kids, it was only temporarily. Eventually, everyone worked through their differences and returned to play the game. It was all about fun.That’s how easy it works for you to accomplish ~ even mundane ~ a task.

The World’s Cup demonstrates this point. France victorious over Croatia in yesterday’s final match. Despite all the worlds afflictions, this game unifies countries and people, no matter race, sex, religion, education or wealth on a world stage. All ‘perceived’ boundaries are erased for the game.

United. Play allows people, you and others, to find commonality on a united front ~ unrestrained. Even divisive parties can come together. With no boundaries, temporarily released, communications flow freely. Divine intervention invites play to remind you that we are all one. The illusion of separation dissolves with open hearts. Play will open barriers for you to progress forward with ease. Always welcome your updates. Bless, LL


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