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Angel Message – 2014 Power

014 Angel Message Power

This is the year that you tap into your personal ‘power’. I see an angel wearing a crown, holding a staff, in a regal, violet, gown. Violet is the color of the crown chakra which means divine guidance has inspired you, for a long while, to make a move in a direction. You’ve heard the small voice within, over and over, and other’s around you (friends/family) confirm these messages. For whatever reason, you’ve been afraid to make the move in the past, but this year you will make a break for it. You feel the strength to realize that the power lies within you; to heal, to be happy, and or to make your dreams come true. The time feels right now because the circumstances present themselves to you. Listen to that small voice, it knows your truth. Speaking of which, the angel wears a heart medallion around the neck to further guide you. You’ll know it’s your truth when you feel it in your heart.

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