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Afraid of failure

Afraid of failure ~ VIP Message: 

Hi Laura! 

My current situation is regarding a business situation that involves my husband. Initially, we had wanted to start a small ice cream shop, and eventually, we came to buy a commercial building at a lovely nearby town. However, it has been almost a year since we purchased this building.  It seems like so much has come up against our dream. There were so many delays, even with the process of buying the building. For a while, we had partners that were going to help with construction financially, but they dropped out. It has been one thing after another. The building is quite big, and our ice cream shop wouldn’t be the only business going in there. We are also planning on developing an indoor market inside the building. Also, we do have one tenant that will be renting a portion of the building. However, we are still waiting and waiting for things; blueprints, financing, etc.

I don’t know what to make of the situation. My husband is absolutely determined to make this work. I know I am more negative minded and exhausted with all the roadblocks that have been thrown at us. But, we also have seen that many times when we thought things were going badly, something good happens. I believe it is our angels looking out for us. But I am afraid of this building not working out and losing the building. My husband has put so much work into it. I have told him also that if this is what he wants to do (the ice cream and market) then this is what we will do and I will support him. I’m just afraid of failure.  Is there anything we ought to do differently? Are our angels telling us something, but we are not paying attention? Thank you for your input! Lynn 

Laura Lee: Stop being afraid Lynn. 

Listen to your self-talk; ‘afraid of this building not working out….losing the building,” or, “I’m just afraid of the failure,” and “I know I am more negative minded…”

Not to say that your fears aren’t valid, they ARE real. 

But there are two choices (just as there are two sides of a coin) that you can make in our parallel universe; fear or love. 

You’re choosing to live in fear ~ the only thing real is LOVE. 

You’re letting fear cloud your judgment. 

Your mind is overanalyzing and rationalizing setbacks as something more significant than what is typical for any business upstart. 

Fear is blocking your heart’s dream to manifest a business with your soulmate for your family’s future. 

Dreams don’t happen overnight ~ they take hard work and commitment. 

Stay focused on what you all want! 

Get your head out of the game and lead with the heart by, “this is what we will do, and I will support him.” 

Every time a fearful thought comes to your mind set it on a cloud. Then replace it with a deep breath and more positive thinking like, “it’s all going to work out better than we imagine!” 

Get busy doing what you do best, and solutions will stream in to overcome challenges and delays at a faster rate. 

Other ideas for your building (besides ice cream and shops) will take shape and form into a more significant enterprise than you all anticipate; RENT IS CHA-CHING! 

It is normal to feel fear stepping beyond the edge of your comfort zone. 

Your husband, however, as an independent business owner, knows what to expect. He’s lived in this zone for so long that he wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Believe in what you said, “When we thought things were going badly, something good happens. I believe it is our angels looking out for us.” 

You’re never more close to god until you become a business owner! 

Welcome to the club 🙂 

Life is never perfect; there are always road bumps, delays, and detours ~ the same goes for business. 

And what’s the worse that could happen; failure? 

So what….you have a job! 

He’s got other work too. Right. IF so, it is a confirmation of my message. 

But, I never felt that’s where you all end up because you want more ~ and there is no shame in wanting more out of life! 

Collaborating with your skills and talents makes a dynamo team working for something bigger and better for all.

Stay focused on what you do best and let him concentrate on what he does best will serve you well. 

Keep on, keeping on ~ You’ve got this! 

Bless, LL

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