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Angel Message for Week: Accept

You learn to accept who IS as they are or what IS as it IS. This is important for evolving past any inner/outer conflicts. You are ready for life stability; Mentally, physically, and emotionally. By accepting circumstances and people, you are preparing to move on to a new phase. A new and improved version of you. According to grief expert and author, Dr. Kubler-Ross, “Acceptance is typically visible by people taking ownership both for themselves and their actions. They start to do things and take note of the results, and then changing their actions in response. They will appear increasingly happier and more content as they find their way forward.”

The ability to accept is empowering for you. For instance, people involved in the #NeverAgain movement are pushing companies to cut ties with the powerful gun lobby; NRA. Advocates have successfully targeted companies, pressuring them into doing the right thing such as First National Bank of Omaha, Delta and United Airlines, Met Life, Avis, Alamo, Hertz and Enterprise. Many more companies will follow as a result of this movement.

What is your best recourse for action regarding your conflict? Pay attention to inner signals leading you to alternative paths for change. These intuitive signs will come in the form of that small voice within, such as a repeated thought that you’ve ignored. This can also come in the form of a song phrase that annoyingly replays in your head like a broken record. A gut feeling that won’t stop kicking you or the heart burn that won’t go away. Or an inner knowing that gnaws at you to say something or do something different.

Divine guidance offers solutions where there is no physical or emotional harm caused to you or others. If this resonates with your inner signal, heed the calling immediately. You’ll know its right action by the way you feel; Peace. By taking action, you will regain personal power; strength, courage and self esteem. You’ll also possess greater clarity for your future.

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