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Abundantly ~ Angel Message

The universe provides for all your needs abundantly. Yet, it’s difficult to see this truth with a fearful mindset. Tender loving care is all you need to open yourself for receiving abundantly. Remember the basics to thrive; Getting the required rest your body needs (schedule the time), eating nourishing foods for your body and actively engaging in regular exercise (that you love) to fuel the body with energy. These simple practices dissolve darkness, let in light and allow you to see the blessings bestowed upon you daily. 

Mental health is a valuable component for living abundantly. Positive thoughts result from feeling good about yourself. Cancel out thoughts of lack by replacing it with a thought of abundance. This practice can be applied to health, wealth and love. If you can’t find the means to pay off a debt, your mind is concentrating on lack. Replace the negative by affirming your prosperity ~ repeatedly ~ to break old patterns that no longer serve your growth. The universe responds accordingly.  

Emotional health is a valuable component for living abundantly. Spiritual, emotional, connections are easier to come by when you’re at your best. It’s normal to be fearful. Fear manifests in many ways including sadness, anxiety, anger or jealousy. Instead of avoiding negative emotions, realize they are an intuitive signal to offer guidance. Allow yourself time to process the block of energy. Ask your higher self, “why am I…(angry, sad, etc)?” Then wait for the answer within. It will reveal a direction to live your life abundantly. 

Indira Marquez Robles felt helpless when a tuition payment loomed. She turned things around when she reached out for help. Read More Los Angeles Times

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